Steps for launching a campaign

Create your campaign step by step.

Data to be sent to Lucky Cart

As part of the online and offline campaigns, a certain amount of data is necessary for integration. This list is referenced in the technical audit, here is a detailed description:

  • Date of purchase in the following format: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MN (for example 2016-12-24 13:30). This is compulsory only for offline integration. For online integration, it must be the date of order confirmation.
  • Unique order number used by the retailer on the website and transferred to the customer.
  • Unique buyer number used by the retailer and transferred to the customer.
  • Amount including VAT as it appears on the order confirmation page. This amount takes into account any price variations on the basic basket (shipping costs, added insurance, voucher codes etc…) but does not vary if a voucher is used. For example, on an order worth 100€ partially paid with a voucher worth 10€, the total must remain equal to 100€.
  • Amount excluding VAT is the ex VAT equivalent of amount detailed above.
  • Invoicing country necessary to filter purchases outside of French territory.
  • Buyer’s email address used for transactional emails once the purchase has been made.
  • Choice for the buyer to opt in or out of promotional emails
  • Payment method used to make the purchase in order to exclude methods which could allow the customer to access the game with no financial commitment (e.g. by cheque or bank transfer) and to make further purchases until they win.
  • First and last names of the buyer in order to personalise the transactional emails and list of winners.
  • Discount code (where relevant).
  • Currency used (ISO 4217 standard), optional for purchases in euros.
  • Language to use to display game (ISO 639-1 standard)
  • Unique id of the point of sale  from which the purchase was made, in the case where there are several.
  • Details of the order to be used to filter winnings, according to the products purchased, including: reference, product amount including VAT, product amount excluding VAT, quantity, category, brand.

According to the campaign’s specific features, this list can be completed in accordance with the Lucky Cart teams.