Steps for launching a campaign

Create your campaign step by step.

Previsional calendar

To ensure that each campaign is launched in optimal conditions, Lucky Cart invites you to adhere to the following calendar: 



Technical audit 

In order to prepare for technical integration in the best conditions possible, you must fill out a technical audit questionnaire detailing the campaign's parameters, to ensure technical reliability.

Before signature of cost estimate

Pre-production integration 

You must integrate the Lucky Cart plugins into your pre-production environment, whilst ensuring you use exclusively the API key and test password. In turn, you must send to the Lucky Cart Integration team: 

  • access details to the pre-production environment as true to the production as possible (secure if possible, for example via portal, IP address filtering, or passwords),
  • multiple test bank account details or card numbers for card payments or PayPal.

15 days before

Production integration 

Once tests on the pre-production environment are completed, you must integrate the plugins into your production environment, by using the API key and production password.

7 days before

Quality inspection of integration

You must inform Lucky Cart of the number of orders received within a typical time frame, such as 8am - 8pm, to compare the number of effective orders with those received. 

5 days before

Validation of visual elements

You must validate your campaign's visual elements (game, transactional emails and pages).

2 days before

Launch of the campaign 

Your campaign launches at the specified time. The game will not display before this time.

Campaign launch
Submission of abandoned shopping baskets

If you have not integrated the cart cancellation module, you must send Lucky Cart the list of orders cancelled during the campaign no more than 5 days after the the campaign end date.

5 days after campaign end date