Sending carts and displaying the game

Steps and examples of how to use the chosen integration technology or language to send shopping carts and display the game.

Integration with Eulerian

The use of Eulerian technology to integrate Lucky Cart (the detailed steps are shown below) presupposes expert knowledge of the tag management system.

In the event of a problem relating to its use or the implementation of specific data into the e-commerce site, it is recommended to contact the Eulerian support team in the first instance.

Files location and description

javascript/eulerian.js: the JavaScript code to use in this tag

Etapes d'intégration

1. Implementing pre-production and production codes

From partner tag management systems, create two "Luckycart v2", tag partners - one for pre-production (e.g. "Lucky Cart - test") and the other for production (e.g. "Lucky Cart - prod"):

For each tag, the API key and API secret (provided by Lucky Cart) must be set according to the target environment (production/pre-production) and the trigger must be implemented exclusively on the order confirmation page of the target environment:

2. Updating tag pseudo-code

In order to ensure that tags are up to date, it is recommended to update pseudocodes with the last released version given by Lucky Cart.

To do this, open the "Tag previsualisation" window on the interface in order to edit the pseudocode.

Delete all existing code, copy/paste the pseudocode from this directory javascript/eulerian.js, then save it with the “Update” button:

3. Tag configuration

In the editor interface for each tag, assign the fields used in the pseudocode by using the custom or general settings (free, via an EA_collector, etc...) available on the order confirmation page.

4. Inserting a game display tag

Position the following container on the order confirmation page in the chosen position to display the game:

<div id="luckygame">
  <!-- Luckycart plugin will be displayed here -->

5. Activating the tag

Finally, activate all implemented tags and ensure that they are all included in the code on the order confirmation page (without “iframe").