3. Campaign-related pages

Introduction to the different pages associated with your campaign

Payment Information Page

Every customer will interact in a different way with whichever game you choose. Before they make their purchase, they can view a Find out more page, and afterwards they will be able to play the game, either on their order confirmation page or on a special game page. If a customer wins, they then enter their payment information on a specific page.

Note: the background can be the same on all three pages.

Winners' payment details are gathered on the Payment information page. We recommend that you customise the header with a congratulatory message.

You will need to provide us with two components that will be used in the page design:

  • Background pattern (identical for all 3 pages) / format jpg
  • A header (message "Congratulations"): size 800 px wide, any height / jpg format
  • A footer (optional): size 800 px wide, any height / jpg format.