Sending carts and displaying the game

Steps and examples of how to use the chosen integration technology or language to send shopping carts and display the game.

Server-side Integration: ASP.NET

Files location and description ASP .NET library example of use page example of use code

Integration steps

1. Library installation

Copy the luckycart.dll library to a Bin subdirectory containing the order confirmation page.

2. Library inclusion

Modify the order confirmation page code to include library:

// Include LC library
Using LuckyCart;

3. Library initialisation and sending data

Always in the order confirmation page code:

// Use exception to catch error
try {
  // Create a Lucky Cart object with your key and secret
  LuckyLib lc = new LuckyLib(Key, Secret);

  // Create an array of data to send to associate with the token.
  // Assuming data from the site are store in Customer and Cart object. 
  Dictionary<string, object> PostData = new Dictionary<string, object>()
    // mandatory data
    {"customerId", Customer.Id},
    {"cartId"    , Cart.Id},
    {"ttc", Cart.Ttc},
    {"ht", Cart.Ht},
    {"country", Customer.Country},
    {"email", Customer.Email},
    {"payment", Cart.Payment},
    {"firstName", Customer.FirstName},
    {"lastName", Customer.LastName},
    {"codePromo", Cart.Code},
    {"payment", Cart.Currency},
    {"lang", Customer.Language},
    {"shopId", Cart.ShopId},
    {"optin", Customer.Optin},
    {"products", new List() {
      new NameValueCollection() {{"id", Cart.Products[0].Id},
        {"ttc", Cart.Products[0].Ttc}, {"ht", Cart.Products[0].Ht},
        {"qty", Cart.Products[0].Qty}, {"cat", Cart.Products[0].Category},
        {"brand", Cart.Products[0].Brand}},
      new NameValueCollection() {{"id", Cart.Products[1].Id},
        {"ttc", Cart.Products[1].Ttc}, {"ht", Cart.Products[1].Ht},
        {"qty", Cart.Products[1].Qty}, {"cat", Cart.Products[1].Category},
        {"brand", Cart.Products[1].Brand}},
      new NameValueCollection() {{"id", Cart.Products[2].Id}, {"ttc",
        {"ttc", Cart.Products[2].Ttc}, {"ht", Cart.Products[2].Ht},
        {"qty", Cart.Products[2].Qty}, {"cat", Cart.Products[2].Category},
        {"brand", Cart.Products[2].Brand}},

    // add here any other specific data

    // Sends the creation request to LC servers
    var plugin = lc.Plugin(PostData);

    // Injects the game container into a div tag
    lcgame.InnerHtml = plugin.gamediv;

    // Injects the script to run into a div tag
    lcscript.InnerHtml = plugin.script;
catch (Exception ex)
    //handle exception here (retry, log, ...)
    throw ex;

4. Game display

Completed by positioning the following containers on the order confirmation page:

<!-- Add this div tag anywhere in the order confirmation page to render the game plugin -->
<div id="lcgame" runat="server"></div>  
<!-- Add this div tag at the bottom of the page (in order not to interfere with page loading) -->
<div id="lcscript" runat="server"></div>