Sending carts and displaying the game

Steps and examples to send shopping carts and display the game.

PHP integration

Files location and description

- php/luckycart.php : the php library
- php/sample.php : an example of use

Integration steps

1. Library installation

Copy the luckycart.php library on the server to a place that is accessible from the order confirmation page.

2. Library inclusion

Modify the order confirmation page to include the library:

// Include LC library

3. Initialisation of the library and sending data

Always on the order confirmation page. 

// Use exception to catch error
try {
  // Create a Lucky Cart object with your key and secret
  $lucky = new LuckyCart('key','secret');

  // Create an array of data to send to associate with the token.
  // Assuming data from the site are store in $customer and $cart data.
     $postdata = array(
  // mandatory data
    'customerId' => $customer->id,
    'cartId' => $cart->id,
    'ttc' => $cart->ttc,
    'ht' => $cart->ht,
    'country' => $customer->country,
    'email' => $customer->email,
    'payment' => $cart->payment,
    'firstName' => $customer->firstname,
    'lastName' => $customer->lastname,
    'codePromo' => $cart->code,
    'currency' => $cart->currency,
    'lang'    => $customer->language,
    'shopId' => $cart->shopId,
    'optin' => $customer->optin,
    'products' => array(
     array('id' => $cart->products[0]->id, 'ttc' => $cart->products[0]->ttc,
           'ht' => $cart->products[0]->ht, 'qty' => $cart->products[0]->quantity,
           'cat' => $cart->products[0]->category, 'brand' => $cart->products[0]->brand),
     array('id' => $cart->products[1]->id, 'ttc' => $cart->products[1]->ttc,
           'ht' => $cart->products[1]->ht, 'qty' => $cart->products[1]->quantity,
           'cat' => $cart->products[1]->category, 'brand' => $cart->products[1]->brand),
     array('id' => $cart->products[2]->id, 'ttc' => $cart->products[2]->ttc,
           'ht' => $cart->products[2]->ht, 'qty' => $cart->products[2]->quantity,
           'cat' => $cart->products[2]->category, 'brand' => $cart->products[2]->brand),

  // add here any other specific data
  // Sends the request to LC servers
  $plugin = $lucky->plugin($postdata);
  catch (LuckyException $e)
  // Do something with the error... retry or log
  // the error message for example... ($e->getMessage())

4. Game display

Completed by positioning the following containers on the order confirmation page:

<!-- Add this div tag anywhere in the order confirmation page to render the game plugin -->
<?php echo $plugin->gamediv; ?>
<!-- Add this script tag at the bottom of the page (in order not to interfere with page loading) -->
<?php echo $plugin->script; ?>