3. Campaign-related pages

Introduction to the different pages associated with your campaign

Scratch game (responsive)

The game your customers play is entirely tailored to your colour scheme. This section includes a list of information and details that we need so we can create your game.

We will need you to provide us with 4 components that will be used in the game:

  • Your logo in jpg, png or gif format. 215px x 80px container in 72dpi,
  • 3 icons to scratch : the "winning" one, the "losing" one, and "another" one. Each size 200px x 200px with a 20 px margin / jpg format.

You also need to choose three hexadecimal colours that we will use for the background, text and confetti.

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Step 1 : introduction to the game

Step 2 : game option choice

Step 3 : game launch

Step 4 : social share