1. Campaign promotion

Advices for your Promogaming campaign promotion

Wording tips

To get the most out of your campaign, you should promote it in advance in as many different formats as possible on your website (newsletter, social networks, display, etc.) on every page that a customer might visit, from your home page to the order confirmation page.

The wording is also something you need to pay special attention to, 2 key points should be highlighted in your promotional messages:

  • The probability of winning in the form of "1 chance in X to win",
  • The type of prize, for example: "The refund of your order via bank transfer or Paypal".

Then, for your customers to easily understand the promotion being offered, we strongly advise you to add the different steps to follow in order to access the game:

  1. Shop
  2. Play
  3. Win

These steps must be present all along the buying process (sliders, banners, pages backgrounds etc.). Finally, the fun and immediate aspects of the offer (game and result displayed immediately after purchase) and the timing must be indicated on all promotional messages. Check out the following examples to get inspired.

Wording examples

Example 1

Example 2

"Flash" campaign example

For more great ideas on wording and presenting your Promogaming® campaign, take a look at our recent case studies and campaign promotion tips.