Sales FAQ

Is there a sales aspect of your campaign that you are unsure about? Find the Frequently Asked Questions here!

Who handles the customer service for a campaign?

We provide you with many pages explaining how to answer questions your customers may have when they are using a PromoGaming® campaign for the first time, in particular:

  • INSERT EN LINK A 'Find out more' page, which explains all stages of the game and terms for participation as well as displaying the most recent winners. There is also a demonstration game to test and the FAQs,
  • INSERT LINK A redirection page, which presents the stages of the game prior to visiting your website (very useful if you wish to promote your game via a newsletter or on social networks),
  • INSERT LINK A secure payment information page, where customers can find the terms for participation and the FAQs.

Also, many transactional emails are sent during the game experience which reduces the number of questions your customers will have. When there are questions, they will be handled by our Customer Success team via a specific email address (