Marketing FAQ

Do you have a question concerning the marketing aspects of your campaign? Look no further!

Do the rules of the game need to be registered with a notary?

The law of 20th December 2014 has considerably reduced the procedures for organising publicity lotteries in France (for example, it is no longer necessary to register the rules of the game with a notary).

The validity of a lottery is now assessed only on whether or not it is fair. Article L.121-36 of the French Consumers' Code stipulates:

'Commercial practices implemented by professionals with regard to consumers, in the form of promotional operations which award winnings or a benefit of any kind by way of a draw, whatever the method, or through the use of a random element, are lawful as long as they are not unfair within the meaning of article L.120-1 of the French Consumers' Code'.

Nevertheless, it is still important to make the terms of participation available to your customers. Lucky Cart will write these and make them available to your customers throughout the promotional campaign (in the game, transactional emails, etc.).